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Vincent Pinto

Vincent Pinto began painting in New York City in 1975. Urban subjects motivate most of his work. "The city is my home," he says. “The range of visual stimulation is enormous. The emotional range is likewise; the whole jumble is dynamic and un-tameable. I want to draw out a piece that I can manage, put a frame around it, hang it on a wall.”

In 2012, he was chosen as a Visiting Artist at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. He worked on that historic 300 acre site for a year, producing a suite of watercolors and oil paintings and numerous ink sketches.
Critic John Perrault first gave his paintings notice in the early 1980s; some of these can be found in the collections of First Boston Corporation, Lloyd's Bank International and Bank of New York, as well as private collections in New York and elsewhere. 
Pinto was a director of The Artists Project, a public art endeavor funded by New York City in the late 1970s that included painters, poets, dancers, photographers and writers occupied in all parts of the city. 


Pinto's work has been in numerous New York galleries over the years, including Barbara Gladstone, Forum, and Bernaducci, as well as Paul McCarron Fine Prints and Drawings. His has been an active member of The Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors for more than two decades. Professional instruction began with Biagio Pinto (no relation) at Philadelphia College of Art, then continued in New York at Pratt Institute, and School of Visual Arts. 


his book, The City Is My Home on Amazon:

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