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                             Larry Rushing

My roots are both rural and urban. I was born on a farm in Georgia,
delivered by my great-grandmother, the local midwife and matriarch of the
family. She raised me until she passed away, when I was 11 years old; then I
moved to live with my mother in the inner city – Liberty City, Miami,
Florida. My work reflects these two juxtaposing worldviews, and is
antecedent to the multiple layers, meanings and ambiguity of my art.

I received my B.F.A. from the University of Miami with a major in painting
and a minor in printmaking, and my M.F.A. from Tyler School of Art, Temple
University, where I concentrated on painting and drawing.

After I received my M.F.A., I moved to New York City. I thrive on city life,
and I imagine that the city feeds me in unfathomable ways. Sometimes it
feels like it feeds on me, too – I’ve worked in a lumberyard, waited tables in
multiple restaurants, cater waited and managed innumerable social events.
I’ve been an actor in film and on the stage, and a print model for a myriad
of commercial products and services. Through it all, my art has been my
touchstone. It’s where I’m able to explore and experiment. It allows me the
freedom to visually document the existential nature of our beings. For me,
the psychological journey is the heart of my message, leading the viewer to
contemplate the space between thoughts.

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